Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Food and Love, and Warmth

Well, the wind chill is predicted to reach 24 below zero later today so the geese are staying in our bathroom. I just had a good cuddle with both of them. The chickens are closed in to the chicken house with nice dry hay and food and water. Probably the water is frozen by now; I'll need to take out more soon. What a day! It's going to be this way until Friday, by all accounts.

There was an article on Dan Mercer, his signature recipe and his 13 sons in the Press Herald today! I was so proud to read it and to know him as a dear friend. I also am eager to make the Champagne Chicken!

The French Meat Pie turned out really pretty, and I've sampled the filling and think it's good. Next time I'm going to try this version or this one for the more complex spices. The one I made today relied solely on allspice, salt, and pepper but it's still tasty and fragrant.

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