Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rest in Peace, Beautiful One

Aunt Jerry died yesterday afternoon. She'd been suffering terribly for awhile and we're all relieved she's at peace now but such a great loss to the world. Or perhaps I should say, she was such a great gift to the world. Each of us in our family hold precious pieces of her in her wisdom, memories, and legacy of love. She was a great-hearted woman filled with love and gratitude for life and thoughts of others. She had a gift for making her surroundings beautiful, was a wonderful cook and hostess, a great reader, a faithful volunteer, a great and true friend, and simply the best aunt. I love this photograph of her young with Uncle Joe:

Her granddaughter Lizzie wrote this beautiful tribute: "My Grandma.... I loved you more than I could ever show you or say. You cared for me when my parents couldn't. You handled everything with such class and grace. I think of you every day, and im reminded of you in the smallest things. You inspire me so much and I can only hope to be half the woman you were. I just wish I had more time... Rest in peace... I am so happy you are finally home with your husband again and free."

I'll be flying down Friday for the Saturday funeral, staying with my brother and sister-in-law. 

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