Monday, January 5, 2015

Smooth moves with NIA

Had my first NIA class today. I think I've finally found and exercise class I can enjoy and stick to. There were only two of us for the introductory class; the other participant was a cheerful woman named Jill, around my own age, and similar fitness level and issues (lost a lot of weight a couple of years ago, and gained it all back, and just trying to lift herself from discouragement and start over. Just where I'm at.)  The instructor, Susan, is a gentle, welcoming woman and a very good teacher. She repeats instructions often and slowly enough so I don't feel lost in a blur of movement. The music is peaceful and rhythmic and easy to move to. As an added bonus, the rec center adjoins our wonderful public library. That's going to make getting moving at 9 Monday morning a lot more pleasant to look forward to.

NIA actually looks pretty and graceful when the class is in sync and a little experienced. I look forward to getting to this point. Maybe if I watch some of the videos the technique will come a bit easier.

On a sad note, my beloved aunt is passing away. She's been put into hospice care at the hospital and does not have much more time with us. A loving, strong, and wise woman. I'm so blessed to have had a wonderful visit with her just a few weeks ago. This is a hard blow to the family, even though she is of advanced age and has been failing in health her mind and humor have remained as strong as ever and she has been the heart of the family. I fear my mother, who has also recently begun hospice care, will not be far behind. My aunt has been so faithful to visit Mom, even as her own health has been failing. They are both over 90 and will be the last in our family of their amazing generation. It's mind-blowing the developments and changes they have witnessed in their lives and the things they have learned and accomplished. When an old person dies, as they say, a library burns. That is so true in this instance.

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